“To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”
– Robin Sharma
"Life is give and take - Negotiation is give and take - so plenty of opportunities to improve yourself every day"
- Nick van Winsen
"If you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get what you you've always got."
- Henry Ford
"Anyone can stay the same.
It takes courage to change.
- John Assaraf
“There’s a solution to every problem, the challenge and key is to find the right fit”
- Nick van Winsen
"When something is important enough,
you do it even the odds are not in
your favor."
- Elon Musk


Purchase, Sale and Rent process of hotel operation/exploitation.

Purchase, Sale and Rent process of commercial real estate.

Interim Sales, Strategy, Contract, Product and Revenue Management.

Enable connections for new business.


Advise and share know-how regarding hotel- and market development and projects.

Support and pitch innovative projects, products and tools.

Business Development.

Support through training and coaching.


Purchase, Sale and Rent.

Buying, Product and Contract Management.

Tap into new business, markets and partnerships and maintain current ones.

Training and Coaching of negotiation techniques.

About Us

About Us

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Approach potential sellers and support during the purchase process of your future operation or real estate.


Select potential buyers and take care of the sales process of your operation or real estate.


Approach potential candidates for lease or rental and advise and guide during this process.


Negotiate during the purchase, sales, lease or rental process of your operation or real estate. Also applicable to the purchase or sales process of products and other services.


Set up, guide, assist and take care of your purchase process and contract management.


Establish new relationships as well as build, expand and maintain current and new relationships.


Provide and support training and coaching sessions in the field of negotiation, purchasing, contract and product management.

Mediation & Guidance

With my connections in the hotel industry I can support you during the purchase, sales and lease process of your hotel operation and real estate. Therefore I proactively search for potential buyers, sellers and tenants to connect the right parties and mediate in this process. I will also discuss the current market situation with you to determine a realistic market value. Take care of paper work, arrange and plan site inspections and afterwards evaluate these with you to maximize the chance of a deal being successful are all part of the process in which I am able to guide you. After all, there is a lot involved in such a transaction in which the process always takes longer than expected and hoped for. However, my goal is to have the whole process run as smooth and expeditious as possible for you with the end result being to close the best deal for you.


Thanks to my experience which I have built up over the past decades I am very capable to assist you in the field of sales, purchasing, strategy, contract, product and revenue management. I can work proactively for you, but I can also support you in building teams and guide, train and coach them to get the most out of your teams and thus your operating results.


In addition to these aspects I can also support you in the search for new business opportunities. Mediate and pitch directly for you regarding business development or establish connections with the right people who can support you with certain matters to improve your business are also among the possibilities where I can support you.

Advise & Support

Due to my global experience of the past decades I gained a lot of knowledge in the field of hotel and market developments. Combined with my analytical skills I can share my knowledge about this with you and advise and support you on projects in this area.


Proactively pitch innovative projects, products and tools using my network is another service where I can support you as well as proactively search for new business opportunities and generate new business for you. The right mentality, attitude and approach is essential and with that I can very well support your business.


With my many years of global management experience in building, training, coaching and managing teams I can also support and advise you in building teams and help to guide, train and coach them to get the most out of your teams and thus your operating results. 


Negotiations are key when it comes to any form of purchase, sales or rental. Since your hotel operation and real estate involve large amounts the negotiation plays an even more important role. Considering my many years of experience in conducting negotiations worldwide I am very happy to take on this piece for you. With the right passion, knowledge, drive, mentality and negotiation techniques it is my goal to approach negotiations in such a way that I will achieve the maximum result for you.


The same process can be applied when it comes to purchasing, contract or product management. Thereby negotiations are also essential and my experience in this area comes in very handy to close the best deals for your organization.

Furthermore I can also support you in training and coaching negotiation techniques, what to pay attention to during negotiations, how to approach them and how to approach and enter meetings to get the maximum result out of the negotiations.


Relationship management is an important part of any organization and negotiations are closely related to this. Negotiations should therefore not suffer from relationships and vice versa. After all, without good relationships it is very difficult to conduct successful negotiations during the purchase and sales process. With the right attitude, open mind and empathy with the other party I can help you with both establish new relationships as well as build, expand and maintain current and new relationships.


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